Meet Nikki
"Whether there's 70 or 7,000 people in the audience, I get a thrill from knowing that in that moment, everybody feels they belong to a tribe. I thrive on cultivating that energy!"
Explore what I can do for you and your organization and the many opportunities to express your vision with me. I believe clear, confident and empathic communicators can change the world and I’d very much like to do that with you in my own small way.
What started off as a job bringing crowds together and creating a cohesive synergy for audiences and organizations to get excited and motivated to work together, has become so much more than that! If you’re keen to achieve any of the following, I’d love to work with you:
  • Drive customer experience
  • Help create a cohesive corporate culture
  • Support conscious leaders
  • Improve sales and growth
  • Stimulate employee engagement
  • Celebrate business success
  • Feel inspired & motivated for your next right move

Live Event Host, Television Presenter, Moderator, and TCK Speaker

Nikki Muller is a Swiss-Filipina Presenter, LIVE events host and Third Culture speaker. The FLY Entertainment Artiste landed her first regional TV job when she was 15 years old, hosting MTV@Mbassy.
At 20 she was nominated as “Best Entertainment Presenter” at the Asian Television Awards. She’s covered tennis and motor sports on Fox Sports Asia, talked food science on National Geographic and cycled 6 countries along the Mekong Delta for Channel News Asia. Nikki adores the theater and was a recent Straights Times Life!“Best Actress” nominee for Pangdemonium’s one-woman production Girls and Boys. Nikki has since focused her area of study on the Third Culture Kid experience and the unique gifts that come from having lived a highly mobile and multi-cultural childhood. Nikki’s research on Third Culture Kids (TCKs) through the lens of identity, cultural competence and resilience has led her to see the immense value and impact that they bring to workplace dynamics and organizational leadership. For TCKs, globalization is in their DNA. Global experience builds cultural awareness, a broader world-view, inspires flexibility and open-mindedness, and develops highly impactful global leaders. Nikki’s research interest is to help other TCKs become more aware of the instrumental opportunities they’ve been given and to encourage them to leverage these superpowers within their teams and in positions of leadership.
Nikki’s partnerships in action!
I always say your vibe attracts your tribe! The partners I’ve chosen to collaborate with are organizations whose vision and mission resonate with my own values. CNN is a network I grew up watching and trusting and the reason I chose to become a journalist. Marina Bay Sands has been a fixture in my professional endeavours and I’ve made countless memories there while off-duty! I’m grateful to be named one of a few "Tastemakers" in this meaningful partnership alongside Wolfgang Puck and our region’s very own, Anita Kapoor.
CITIGOLD’s "There’s more to wealth" campaign really hit home for me. I leapt at the opportunity to spend time with people whose perception of abundance went far deeper than dollars and cents. This project left me inspired by the 6 incredible people I got to know meaningfully on this journey.
Accor & Fox Sports Asia "One Click Welcome"
The "ONE CLICK Welcome" partnership accurately captured the dynamic of my life behind the camera and on-the-go at Fox Sports. Comfort and convenience at my fingertips was paramount during the high-octane moments of LIVE sports reporting. What I remember most about my work with ACCOR were the people. They felt like family. And we all know it’s cultivating authentic relationships that make a partnership successful.
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